Lima, NY 14485

Residential Waste Services

Residential refuse and recycling services include your choice of:

  • Weekly road edge pick-up
  • Weekly back-in service

For road edge and back-in services, we provide a complimentary toter for bagged refuse and a blue box for recycling. In other words, we do not charge you to use our equipment. You are welcome to use it for as long as you have the service.

Gift certificates are available for purchase for any services we provide. Residential pick up is a nice gift to give a friend or loved one who has everything they need and are difficult to buy for. In addition, roll off rentals are nice gifts for someone who needs to do a clean out or someone who recently purchased a home and would like to do a renovation project.

Discounts are extended existing customers who rent roll off containers, to customers who have 96 gal toter and pay for one year and to customers who have multiple 96 gal toters for weekly service.

Shanks Enterprises, Inc. provides all services weekly and CONTRACT FREE.  Residential and commercial customers may suspend or cancel at any time by notifying the business office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is my pickup? 

We ask that customers have their refuse and/or recycling set out the evening before your collection day or by no later than 6am the day of service.  This will allow for consistent pick up.  There are times the drivers must alter their route due to events that occur outside of their control (i.e., accidents, weather related events, construction, early start during holiday weeks).  For road edge service, equipment (toter and recycle box) needs to be placed on a level area with no more than 3ft from the street/road and the lid opening to the street.  Please set the equipment away from objects (i.e., vehicles, trees, mailboxes).  The equipment should be visible to the driver upon approach.

What is a toter?

A toter is a can on wheels for customers to place their bagged refuse in.  The toter is wheeled to the edge of the driveway (close to the road, for road edge customers) or left by their house (for customers who have back-in service).  AT ALL TIMES it is important to have refuse bagged prior to placing inside the toter. This prevents debris from blowing into the roadways, keeps everything contained and safe for the workers, reduces odors inside of the container and prevents debris freezing to the inside of the container in the winter.

Why didn’t the driver take everything I put out?

It has always been company policy that what you are paying for is what fits inside our equipment for collection each week (for toter & recycling service).  Anything in addition is extra and is considered a “cleanup” that requires the customer to call in ahead of time to authorize an additional charge.  This information is included in the welcome packet given to customers at the time they set up service.  In addition, reminders are also located on the bill each customer receives.  Our rates for excess and bulk items are nominal and customers are informed of the amount (if item specific) at the time they call in.

What is a cleanup?

A cleanup is anything in addition to the normal weekly pickup.  It can be extra bags of refuse, a mattress, couch, a small contained pile of refuse (less than a pickup truck full).  Cleanups can be scheduled on customer’s regular pickup day with advance notice to the business office.  For contents larger than a pickup truck full, we would suggest customers rent a roll-off.

Are there any discounts for service?

Yes.  We offer a yearly discount rate for customers who have the 96gal road edge service.  In addition, all existing customers receive a discount when renting a roll-off.  If you need to do a clean out or renovation project, remember to check in with us when price shopping around.

What if I consistently have more refuse than what fits inside the toter each week?

You are welcome to contact the business office to review the service you have, discuss needs and explore additional options.

Is there a contract?

No!  Shanks Enterprises does not require a contract for service.  If you are not satisfied or no longer need service, you may cancel at any time by simply contacting the business office.  Once your final balance is paid and our equipment is returned to the company, we will close your account.  That is it!

What happens if I go on vacation or out of state for part of the year?

Out of 52 weeks we charge for 48 weeks.  Therefore, we do not give credit for vacations less than a month.  We do have seasonal customers who are away for periods of a month or longer.  In those situations, we do suspend service (and billing) and restart service (and billing) as notified by the customer.

What do I need to know about company equipement?

All equipment is property of Shanks Enterprises, Inc. Customers are invited to enjoy the use of the equipment for as long as they have the service and the account is in good standing.  The use of company equipment is complimentary unless it should be lost, stolen or damaged due to neglect of some kind (normal wear and tear is different).  Should the service be suspended due to non-payment, the company equipment can be pulled and service can be cancelled.  If this occurs, it is the policy of the company that equipment will NOT be returned and service will NOT be reinstated unless special arrangements are made. There will be a fee at the time equipment is pulled (for non-payment and cancellations).

Please know it is the responsibility of customers to properly secure company equipment during service and while not in use (i.e. storing in a shed, garage or set up by the home…NOT left at the road edge.  This can potentially cause a disturbance for traffic should there be uncooperative weather.  In addition, should equipment become lost or stolen, customers could be responsible for the replacement charge of equipment, depending on the situation.  It is the responsibility of the customer to bag refuse.  It is unacceptable to discard loose refuse in the company toter and drivers will not return should there be loose refuse stuck or frozen at the bottom of the toter.  In addition, please be aware that loose refuse runs the risk of blowing around and littering roadways, resulting in dissatisfied neighbors and unnecessary litter.  It is NOT the responsibility of Shanks Enterprises staff to collect loose refuse that is blowing around.

What happens if I go on vacation or out of state for part of the year? 

It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the business office PRIOR TO service suspension and restart.


Please know it is Shanks Enterprises staff discretion whether he or she can provide quality service.

This subject covers a broad range of topics but please consider the following:

Weather:  keep walkways, driveways, areas leading up to and surrounding equipment free from yard debris, snow, ice, bee hives or anything that could create a safety risk.

Dogs:  While some animals are happy to see the truck and staff arrive each week, others not so much.  Staff members are NOT required to exit the company vehicle if they feel it is unsafe to do so.  If a customer does not receive service due to their animal being loose and our staff not feeling safe, it is not the responsibility of staff to return later that day or within the same week.  Should that request be made by the customer, there will be a call back charge IF someone is able to return.  Otherwise, customers may have to wait until the following week for service.

Refuse and recycling:  liquids, anything flammable, hot ashes, cigarette butts should NEVER be placed in with refuse or recycling.

What is recyclable?

While most everything is probably recyclable somewhere, we in this area of the nation are limited to what is accepted in the local markets.  Anything in the blue box other than the following turns the blue box into regular trash and will be treated as regular trash.

  • GLASS: Only clean washed out food containers WITHOUT LIDS.
    WE CAN NOT ACCEPT: canning jars, window glass, ash trays or ceramics.
  • METAL: Only clean washed out food containers WITHOUT LIDS, flattened if possible.
    NO other metal items.
  • PLASTIC: Only clean, washed out food and drink containers – flattened if possible, (Numbered 1-9 only).
    NO plastic ties or bags.
  • PAPER: Only clean newspapers and magazines, bundled if possible.  If you include envelopes or anything loose, these items must be contained in a clear plastic bag and tied to prevent littering.
  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: If cut up into small pieces, 2 feet by 2 feet or less, that will fit into our recycling unit will be accepted.  Pizza boxes and other boxes contaminated by food will not be accepted.

Why did the driver throw out my recycling? 

If your recycling is mixed in with what is considered refuse, then it turns the contents in that recycling container into refuse.  The drivers will NOT separate recycling from refuse while on their route.  It is considered unsanitary and, in some instances, unsafe.

Do I have to separate plastic from paper from glass or metal?

All recyclables should be placed in the blue box together as they are sorted by machinery at the recycling plant.  It is important to contain any loose items so they do not fly out of the truck and litter the highways.

How does the billing work for my service and are there options for me to pay?

Customers can select to be billed monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or annually.

We can mail or e-mail the bill to customers.  Customers can pay by mailing in a check, make a payment over the phone, pay on-line by issuing a bill pay through their own bank website.  Customers can pay online with us when we e-mail the bill to them.  Autopay is a popular choice these days.  Customers can either set up autopay through their bank or through Shanks Enterprises.

What do I do with my leaves, lawn clippings, tree branches and Christmas trees?

By law, any yard debris must be composted.  Please contact your local town or village office to learn of a brush pickup schedule.

What do I do with hazardous waste, old paint, tires, medications, computers and TV’s?

The items listed cannot be included in with regular refuse pickup.  Customers are welcome to contact the business office for a list of resources to dispose of such items.  The list of resources is also provided in the customer’s welcome packet given to them in the beginning of service.