Lima, NY 14485

Recycling Services

While most everything is probably recyclable somewhere, in this area of the nation are limited to what is accepted in the local markets.  Anything in the blue box or a Shanks clear plastic bag/tag, other than the following, turns into regular refuse and will be treated as regular refuse. 

  • GLASS: Only clean washed out food containers WITHOUT LIDS.
    WE CAN NOT ACCEPT: canning jars, window glass, ash trays or ceramics.
  • METAL: Only clean washed out food containers WITHOUT LIDS, flattened if possible.
    NO other metal items.
  • PLASTIC: Only clean, washed out food and drink containers – flattened if possible, (Numbered 1-9 only).
    NO plastic ties or bags.
  • PAPER: Only clean newspapers and magazines, bundled if possible. If you include envelopes or anything loose, these items must be contained in a clear plastic bag and tied to prevent littering.
  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: If cut up into small pieces, 2 feet by 2 feet or less, that will fit into our recycling unit will be accepted.  Pizza boxes and other boxes contaminated by food will not be accepted.

All recyclables should be placed in the blue box together as they are sorted by machinery at the recycling plant.  It is important to contain any loose items so they do not fly out of the truck and litter the highways.



Oil containers of any kind                  Refrigerants (Freon items)

Paint or any liquid material                Styrofoam or tinfoil

Electronic items of any kind               Animal or human waste

Tires & car batteries                           Any hazardous material

Cement, stone, brick, dirt                   Lawn clippings, leaves, brush, tree limbs