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Commercial Waste Services

Commercial Toter Service

Do not have enough refuse for a dumpster? Try the commercial toter service for your weekly pick up needs. Recycling is included with the service.  End up having more refuse than you expected? Try our Dumpster Service below.

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Commercial Dumpster Service

There are a variety of rear-load and front-load sizes for business customers to select from. Company containers are emptied weekly at a minimum. Size and frequency of service is matched with the needs of the customer in combination with the company service areas.

We would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quote. Call today! 585-624-2126

Shanks Enterprises, Inc. provides all services CONTRACT FREE.  Residential and commercial customers may suspend or cancel at any time by notifying the business office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size dumpsters are available?

We range from 2YD up to 8YD front and rear load containers.

How would I know what size to select?

It is always best to talk with someone in the business office. That person will ask you questions to learn about your needs and the material you will dispose of.  After having a discussion, you will be given options about sizes and frequency of emptying the dumpster. The goal is to match you with the right size container and frequency of service at the lowest possible rate.

How do I decide where to have it placed? 

It is always best to select a location that allows enough space for the driver to maneuver the refuse truck to drive up to the dumpster.  Often times this requires a clear path with a decent amount of distance to get to the container (free from parked vehicles or other obstacles).  It is also important to keep at least a minimum of 3 feet of space surrounding the dumpster (free from debris, weeds, snow, etc.).  If you plan to have a gate around the dumpster, please allow enough space for the doors to swing open for the truck to connect and a radius of 3 feet surrounding the container.

What if I notice extra refuse in the dumpster that I did not put in there?

You are always welcome to call the business office to share any concerns regarding your service or challenges you may experience.  At the time you set up service, you will be asked if you would like locks & chains.  If you decline at that time, you are welcome to reconsider at any point.

How can I keep odors at a minimum?

The best way to keep odors at a minimum is to always use a decent refuse bag and keep all refuse contained.  In other words, do not throw loose refuse inside the container. It is always helpful to dispose of any liquids in an appropriate location and not place liquids inside the dumpster.

What if I occasionally have more than what fits inside the dumpster?

The price you pay for service is what fits inside the container.  There could be occasions where you have extra.  It is not a problem to take extra for you.  We do ask our customers to call in ahead of time for extra or bulky items such as furniture.  There would be an additional charge and it is our preference to discuss what that charge is ahead of time.  We would need the extra set away from the container to allow the truck ample space to drive up to and empty the dumpster.  Please do not put furniture inside the dumpster, as it can get wedged and become difficult to remove.

What if I end up having extra more frequently?

Please call our business office.  We will discuss available options with you.  Perhaps you need a larger size container or the container you have may need to be emptied more frequently.